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Business Insurance School

With the highest PASS RATE for years, CIS proudly claims to be the Best Insurance School in the State of California, Business Insurance School “CIS” is now a 21 century Business Insurance School Network, so Agents and Brokers applicants can remotely attend the classes via its UNIQUE online HDTV broadcasting its Classes LIVE via web cam system enables you to interact with the instructor and other students LIVE, as IF they are attending an actual class.
Insurance Agent, Brokers, and Producers pre-licensing candidates have trusted the “Instructor” of Business Insurance School “CIS” to provide them with information needed to pass their licensing exams. Producers also rely on us to assist them in maintaining their knowledge through relevant and informative to continue educating them.


CIS offers a UNIQUE online LIVE web cam classroom and self-study pre-licensing courses to provide every student with the study method that works best for them. Keeping in mind the diverse ways students learn, we also feature Learning Tools that provide students with various ways to consume course content. These tools are just one more study method students can employ to increase their understanding and pass the licensing exam.


Cross-Referenced: The content of each course will always be  up to date as we refer to each exam “provider’s exam content outline” we cross-reference each with our study manual, ensuring all the information on the exam is covered in our course.
Exam-Specific: Our study manual is compiled with the intent of helping students pass their licensing exam. Our materials are constantly custom written in a straightforward outline format explaining only content needed for students to be successful.
Student Support
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides support to students. We help guide students using our Roadmaps or study plans and walk them through the exam process by providing immediate access to the testing providers. We also offer all students’ access to the Study at our EDUCATION CENTERS, and online LIVE web cam forum for students and instructors.


CIS Instructor and Student Tracking: This is an effective tool for CIS instructors and students to track course progress and study habits.
Class Upgrade Option: Some students are comfortable learning independently online while others prefer to be in a classroom. If a student starts the online or self-study course and finds they would rather be in a live class, they can call us to upgrade.
Guarantee: If you do NOT pass on the SECOND attempt, we will refund the cost of one testing fee. To qualify, you are required to score at least 80% at the “CIS” EXAM SIMULATORS, and take your state exam within and NO later than 3 to 5 days, after CIS instructor advises that you are ready to take the EXAM.


IMPORTANT: “CIS” Guarantee only applies to those who completed their initial Hours at “CIS” In-Class sessions, and therefore does NOT apply to EXAM Prep CRAM Course or “ONLINE SELF STUDY” clients.
CIS streaming LIVE HD-TV/SOUND via web cam Online provides you access to the Classrooms for Property & Casualty, and Life, Health & Accident Pre-licensing online course allows PROFESSIONALS to study anywhere with online access Live business (web cam) Class Regularly scheduled classroom courses or special on-site classes at your location AS IF YOU ARE SITTING IN THE CLASS without the NEED to Drive to a CLASS location that saves you great amount of time, money, and reduces stress by not  needing to drive through the traffic.


Client Service Center
Mon-Fri 7:00am-7:00pm PST, Sat 8:00am-12:00pm PST

Online; Live Remote access to classrooms via web cam is the ideal solution for busy professionals who prefer flexibility in their learning. Group online Live web cam Classroom helps candidates to learn and network beyond their sphere with fellow classmates.


Self-Study Materials: Wide variety of professionally custom texts that enhances your knowledge, study, and test at your own convenience, “Self Study Online Courses are available at CIS.