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To verify Business & Insurance/BIS as an approved Pre-Licensing EXAM Preparation education provider by California Department of Insurance, see below here, simply click on the following link, or call the Dept. of Insurance for verification:

Once at the California Department of Insurance website click SEARCH for Business Insurance School

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Business Insurance School Corp.

Education Provider No. # 276766

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Provider Name Business Insurance School
Education Type Pre-Licensing Education and Continue Education Provider
Provider Name Education Type

CYBER INSURANCE SCHOOL  Pre-Licensing and Continue Education

Phone: (949) 486-3333        Toll Free: 1-877-800-2822

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Business Insurance School Corporation “CIS” it’s an approved provider Insurance School by California Department of Insurance in the State of California.

State Licensing courses require minimum of hours per course (minimum required attendance hours may vary) for more details on NEW License or Renewal Agent/Broker/Producer requirements please scroll beolw here.

A License applicant must obtain an attendance “Certificate of completion” CIS (Business Insurance School) is obligated and mandated to keep track and maintain records of your attendance per session, course and for each Class.

To learn more about California Department of Insurance Rules and Licensing requirements please see below

California Department of Insurance
320 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814-4309

Phone: 916-322-3555 or 800-967-9331
Fax: 916-445-5280

Testing Provider:
PSI Services

Hour Requirements:

  • 20 hrs – Life Only Agent
  • 20 hrs – Accident & Health Only Agent
  • 40 hrs – Life, Accident and Health Agent
  • 40 hrs – Property/Casualty Broker-Agent
  • 20 hrs – Personal Lines Broker-Agent
  • 20 hrs – Limited Line Automobile Agent

An additional 12 hours of Ethics & Code must be completed for all new agents/brokers.

Education Methods:

  • Classroom
  • Online
  • Remote delivery (e.g. Two way Live Telecomm web cam)

Certificate of Completion:

  • Keep good care of your original certificate of completion incase it needs to be reviewed.
  • Applicant must take his or her state exam within certain period of time from the date the application is filed with California Department of Insurance, for more information please visit
  • Certificates are valid for 3 years.
  • Applicant does not have to have a sponsoring company at the time of getting a license, but they must have one before transacting business.

Reporting Method:
Education is reported online daily to the CDI within 10 days of course completion


  • Applicants who are CLUs, CPCUs, LUTCFs, AAIs or CICs are exempt from the 40 hr course but not 12 hrs of ethics & code
  • New resident applicants who held a license in good standing in a previous state and completed 40 hrs of pre-license education must only complete the 12 hrs of ethics and code
  • Applicants claiming funeral exemption (selling less than $15,000 of insurance)
  • Cargo Shipper’s Agents