HD TV Streaming Live Business Class

Statewide 3 dimension LED/HDTV Live class attendance:



  • Why drive?
  • Why waste money on Gas?
  • Why waste time in traffic?
  • Why leave home early and Go back late?


And many other logical benefits!

Attend our Class via Business Space LED/HDTV crystal clear 2 way communication broadcasting system, and “IF” you don’t PASS we allow you to come to a Location at NO charge, that is how sure we are of the quality. You will feel as “IF” you are sitting among your fellow State Licensing applicants!


Online Streaming Live Classes:

These classes are also available on “Secure Server” streaming LIVE Broadcast online through out the State of California for the State of CA Insurance License Applicants. To attend Live Classes you need:


1- To register and obtain username and password AT LEAST FIVE DAYS PRIOR to the CLASS DATE.

  2- Request a TEST from the ADMISSION or the CLASS MODERATOR AT LEAST TWO DAYS Prior to the CLASS.

3- You may use PC, Notebook or iPad, WHICH requires to have a web camera.


Business & Insurance School ‘BIS’ has Pioneered this method and “unlike” other pre-licensing schools who provide webinars or pre-recorded sessions on DVD or download links, BIS Proudly is one of the one or two pre-licensing education institutions in the insurance industry that broadcasts its classes LIVE by STREAMING IT VIA A HD-TV-SOUND QUALITY SYSTEM online.

Benefits: NOT only you save $100.00 by attending the Class via Live streaming Web Cam HDTV but also you save Gas, and time by not needing to drive to a class location, Leave early and arrive late at night for being stuck in traffic for hours for driving to and from the class, we are so sure that you PASS, that we are willing to Guarantee that IF you do NOT PASS on your SECOND Try you can attend an In-Class session at NO extra charge. 

How Do Sessions Work?


Business & Insurance School “instructors” have tailored a unique approach to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps, and back to assessment. You can either choose to attend classes via streaming live two way communications LED HD TV through web cam or attend the class in person, and work individually or as part of a group, with our instructor. Individual and Group web cam “business classes” takes place in the comfort of Group Class at one of our locations, your home, your office or other quiet place (as long as you are connected via a web cam and a head set) WE ARE SO SURE THAT THE LEARNING IS AS GOOD AS IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE CLASS IN PERSON THAT WE GUARANTEE YOU PASS, AND IF YOU FAIL YOU CAN ATTEND AN INCLASS SESSION AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.


We’ve found that these precissions of our care will allow us to HELP YOU PASS on your FIRST TRY:

  1.  To properly track and support the realization that fits and matches your life style and plans.
  2.  To interact and Learn in depth.
  3.  Avoid frustrations by trying to learn on your own via online courses.
  4.  Avoid frustrations by keep failing the Licensing EXAM.
  5.  NOT knowing why you failed or who to turn to for help, is the primary cause of all of the applicants who FAIL.
  6. CIS team will provide you access to experienced instructors for you to talk to.



How Does Group Coaching Work?

But perhaps right now you are only seeking help for a specific situation. That’s fine. We recommend at least an additional two weeks pre-exam preparation in order to see in depth knowledge and high chance of passing your Licensing EXAM.



Because we at BIS are committed to your success and because nothing is more important to all of us than you PASS your License EXAM with a BIG SMILE :) on your face, after you complete the mandatory 52 hours Sessions

by the California Department of Insurance, we will allow you to use our pre-exam library and computer practice sessions at one of our Locations, at NO EXTRA CHARGE for up TWO WEEKS after graduation.


How Long Is the Process?

THE GOOD NEWS IS: BIS is committed to your success and because nothing is more important to all of us than you PASS your License EXAM with a BIG SMILE on your face, NOT only after you complete the mandatory 52 hours Sessions by the State Department of Insurance, we will allow you to use our pre-exam simulation library and computer practice sessions at one of our Locations, at NO EXTRA CHARGE for up to 5 days after graduation. But also we GUARANTEE that the quality is so good that you feel as IF you are attending a class in person.


All Business Classes are streaming LIVE via a TWO way communication LED HDTV through web camera, by Law your “attendance” must be recorded before you can receive your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, so would be able to further register with Department of Insurance (example: California or the State Government Agency) that you reside in to obtain your LICENSE.


The Classes are held based on CA DOI PRE-APPROVED CALENDARED schedules (courses require minimum number of attendance “hours”, “The Hours requirement pertaining to each License may vary” example:

An applicant for “AGENT/BROKER” Property & Casualty License requires a minimum attendance of 40 Hours for the P & C, and 12 hours for codes & ethics training, which adds up to 52 Hours Total, but a Personal Line License Applicant is Required to attend 20 Hours for the Personal Line License course PLUS 12 hours for Codes & Ethics, which totals 32 Hours.


Each group consists of people of all ages but with the same goal. The commitment is open-ended in the same manner as individual coaching. Some advantages of group coaching are the creation of a support system, deep self-awareness, a safe environment for experiments, multiple perspectives and passive learning.  Participants focus on important goals, how to achieve them and accountability and interaction in Q&A with the instructor or other fellow students.


Business Insurance School has invested great amount money into delivering quality education to your Room, Office, or on the GO to your Computer, Lap top, and iPAD, to HELP you Save time, MONEY, and Drive Less to HELP with Clean Air, Attending Pre-Licensing Classes LIVE via WEB CAM, where you can interact with the instructor and other students, also will SAVE you a lot of time and Money, find out more about…attending and SAVE $100 NOW classes LIVE via WEB CAM


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