Insurance Co. Discount Code

Business & Insurance School proudly makes special offers to major employers or recruiters in the insurance industry, and through them  provides you “Special Discounts” to make your classes more affordable.

1. Simply from the list below here find your employer’s “Promo Code”.

2. On the FIRST PAGE of your shopping cart enter your employer’s code.

Agents sign up for discount

AAA INSURANCE COMPANY                            Promo Code: AAA101

Allstate INSURANCE                                          Promo Code: Allstate101

Bank of America                                                     Promo Code: BOA101      

 F A R M E R S INSURANCE                               Promo Code: Farmers101       

FIESTA AUTO INSURANCE                             Promo Code: Fiesta101                                                                                

STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY       Promo Code: StateFarm101

J.P.Morgan CHASE                                               Promo Code: JPChase301

Prudential INSURANCE                                   Promo Code: Prudential101

FREEWAY INSURANCE COMPANY                      Promo Code: Freeway401

 Adriana’s INSURANCE COMPANY                    Promo Code: Adriana401

AFFINITY INSURANCE COMPANY                  Promo Code: Affinity401



To find out IF your “Employer’s Recruiter” is registered, which qualifies you for a discount code with Business & Insurance School, PLEASE CALL Toll Free: 1-877-800-2822 OR use the contact form on the left Navigation bar; to email,


If your employer is NOT registered for the discount programs, simply ask your recruiter to register as a corporate member by clicking the “Click here” button on the AGENTS SIGN UP FOR DISCOUNT  page(third link from the top on the left Navigation BAR on this page,) or call Toll free, it takes 3 minutes for our STAFF to enroll your Recruiter into our Corporate “Discount program.”



Business & Insurance School advises you to make sure the information you provide is accurate, so your application is NOT declined for submitting false personal data.

These promo codes are listed openly based on trust. If an applicant misuses the promo code, and it is later determined that someone did indeed misuse the code, BIS will, at its own discretion, report such a misuse to the proper source.

For more information call 1-877-800-2822

Your employer will arrange Work shops where you can interact with Successful Insurance Agents or Brokers, on the following topics:

  • Balancing work and family
  • How to say no without feeling guilty
  • Making peace with the mirror
  • Single again
  • Networking
  • Find new friends
  • Reach out to your community
  • Focus group with Real people
  • Get to discover yourself
  • Get to discover your true talents
  • Get to discover your skills
  • Learn how to reinvent yourself