Online Self Study Courses


Classes minimum number of hours that an applicant for the State Insurance License is required to attend are mandated and Regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

Therefore, for you to obtain your Certificate of Complition, the attendance requirements are tracked by the Online Self Study course Program, the timers are it is exactly as IF you would be attending an actual class, where you are required by the Dept. Of Insurance Rules and Regulations, to complete exact number of hours that are stated within the description of the course.

NO Guarantee Policy for Online Self Study: Because you have chosen to study on your own without the assistant of an “insutructor” or classroom workshop, Cyber Insurance School provides NO guarantee as to your success passing the State EXAMS. Therefore, Cyber Insurance School “In-Class Guarantee” does NOT apply to those Applicants who chose the SELF ONLINE STUDY COURSES at substantial less prices.

IF you may have any further questions about the attendance manadate you may visit CA Department of Insurance page on this web site, or contact either us at toll free 1-877-800-2822 or the CA Dept. of Insurance.

Disclosure: Because once you register and pay for the course, you receive “username and instant Access” to the Course/Class there is NO cancellation or Refund Policy for the “ONLINE Courses”, YOUR ACCESS IS VALID FOR 60 DAYS ONLY, and REQUIRED TO COMPLETE YOUR COURSE STUDY DURING THAT TIME. Common Rule and Policy among all pre-licensing Schools requires that the applicants complete their “Online” Study within 60 days , so the School server opens up the study access for new state license applicants who wish to self study “Online”, therefore if PAST 60 days to continue access ADDITIONAL $290 extension FEE WILL APPLY. however within 6 months from the original date that you registered and paid for the course you would have to repurchase the course because the Educational Objectives may be updated.