Exam Prep

Disclaimer: CRAM COURSE or additional EXAM preparation classes are available to those who have completed the minimum number of hours applicants for the State Insurance License is required to attend as mandated and Regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

As it is required by CA Dept. Of Insurance Rules and Regulations, You must obtain a “Certificate of Completion” in order to take your State License EXAM.

IF you have any further questions about this manadate you may visit CA Department of Insurance page on this web site, or contact either us at toll free 1-877-800-2822 or the CA Dept. of Insurance.

Once you register and pay for the course, there is NO cancellation or Refund Policy, however only IF for some reason you couldn’t complete your course: within 6 months from the initial date that you registered and paid for the course you may request to “Re-Attend” taking the course.

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