Live Scan Finger Printing Service


Benefit: Advance submission of your finger prints allows CA Dept. Of Insurance advance time to review and process your file and be ready when you obtain your class certificate and take your State Licensing Exam at DOI or PSI Locations.



Live Scan Finger Printing $77.50


We offer LiveScan Finger printing services. Our live scan finger printing services are open to the public for every fingerprint submission.  in order to submit the proper information to the California Department of Justice and or FBI (IF needed) for criminal background check clearance. For example: Submission to California Department of Insurance for State License Applicants.
Disclosure: Unless a technical problem occurs and your finger print is never processed by the DOJ, all fees paid for the Finger Printing are non-refundable. Please make sure to See “Business Insurance Business School” POLICY, DISCLAIMER at the time of finger printing.

Finger Printing Locations:
Orange County, Monday-Friday
10:30 am through 5:30pm (1 hours closed for lunch)
Los Angeles County by appointment only
2:30pm through 5:30pm.
Make an appointment, call, click or email
If there are 3 or more individuals getting their finger prints done, ask us about our mobile unit, we come to you